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Angel Ventures

We love to help successful companies and individuals become "Angel Investors" - making "educated bets" on the people who could change the world.

Angel investors focus on early-stage startups and entrepreneurs, not only providing capital but also guidance to help these fledgling companies grow.

The perfect recipe for angel investment includes enthusiasm, disposable income, intuition, rigour and patience - prepared using a methodology that reflects you (seasoned to taste!).

With the rapid pace of innovation there are no shortage of opportunities to invest, so it is important to develop an angel investment strategy and process that reflects your core motivators and attracts the right investment opportunities - as part of a diversified portfolio of 25+ investments over time.

We help "Angels" in three ways:

  1. Developing your personal Angel investment strategy, framework, scorecard and pipeline to bring the right opportunities to you
  2. Due diligence on short-listed opportunities quickly and cost-effectively based on the investment amount
  3. Representing you on boards, advisor groups or helping you mentor the entrepreneurs you are investing in


The diversity of skills and experience within our team and network, along with our passion for learning, understanding and empowering people, mean we are uniquely placed to help you as an Angel investor to clarify and achieve your goals.

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